Susan Strand-Penman


Susan Strand-Penman received a BFA in ceramics and fibers from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. She enjoys creating sculptural ceramic pieces, and her current works reflect the delicate balance of nature while exploring texture and color. Susan  lives with her family in Western Wisconsin where she is influenced by the urban excitement of Minneapolis and St. Paul and the quiet beauty of the St. Croix River Valley. 


"As an artist, I am interested in exploring the delicate relationship between humans and the natural world. I am fascinated with the beauty and wonder of the natural landscape. Inspired by the quiet, spiritual qualities of a dark forest or mossy knoll, I find myself drawn to the textures and shadows within these mystical places. In my sculptures I strive to capture the spirituality and recreate the intricate textures found in nature. Working in a malleable medium, such as clay, allows me to explore textures using many different techniques. My sculptures are hand built using slabs and multiple layers of added or removed clay. Each piece is individual and creates a unique story that grows intuitively from the clay."