Jerilyn Strand

Strand Studio 808

Jerilyn Strand is a regular guest of Pixie-Wood Studio's garden art boutique. She also participates in local art sales and exhibitions. 


Jerilyn lives in Western Wisconsin and is inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds her there. The wild beauty of a prairie or the calm wonder that resides in a forest are a few of the many things that inspire her artwork. Jerilyn enthusiastically explores many forms of media, such as acrylic, pastel, alcohol ink, and sometimes oil and watercolor. She also enjoys working with concrete to create sculptural pieces. Jerilyn enjoys exhibiting her work in local venues and art crawls.


"My artwork is often influenced by the colors and free forms of nature. I am currently experimenting with alcohol inks. I have found that the rich colors of the ink capture the wild and chaotic colors and textures found in the natural world.  It is through use of rich and vibrant color and the spontaneity of the ink that I can reflect the emotion of the landscape."

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